Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

Suzhou Zhongling goods lifts strictly select core parts and adhere to Suzhou Zhongling’s consistent adherence on quality, which can meet the diverse needs of users for goods lifts. They are applicable to various places such as warehouses, hypermarkets, airports and stations.

Starting with the demand of cargo transportation, Suzhou Zhongling applies advanced technologies to every design detail, so as to provide customers with more convenient freight transport experience in buildings.

Efficient main engine, extraordinary performance

It adopts variable frequency induction motor, which is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, quiet and stable, and has low failure rate. It can bear greater load, to meet the demand of bulk cargo transport.

Smooth variable speed regulating

VVVFvariable frequency speed regulator smoothly regulates the operating speed of the elevator, thus lowering the noise of the elevator and greatly improving the sense of comfort.

Variable frequency control, precise and reliable

By utilizing a new generation of variable frequency control technology, the control wirings are optimized, thus achiev- ing precise, efficient and steady control of the operation of the elevator, so that each batch of goods can arrive at destination floors successfully.

Superior heavy load design

The high-strengthlift car frame perfectly matches with the specially reinforced elevator chassis, which is firm and reliable, with stronger load一bearing capacity, and prolongs the service life of the lift car.

Delay door closingbutton

The lift car is equipped with a delay door closing button- After pressing the button, the door will be opened for some time, which is convenient for loading and unloading goods.

Super large space

The structure of the lift car is optimized, so the space becomes larger and brighter. Large cargos can enter and exit the elevator freely, which makes the cargo transpor-tation more efficient and convenient.